DJ Gear, DJ Hardware, DJ Software for your club, bar or function?

Well with so much DJ gear & DJ software around (which you as the person hiring the DJ probably don't need to know, but good to be reassured you're getting what you want), it's easy to get confused and know what DJ gear is best for you or your function, so for starters you should make sure your DJ knows what he or she is doing & has the gear to do it.

Music of course is the first most important factor for any club, bar or function and of course the DJ gear is the second most important thing (obviously), but just as critical.

For clubs and bar DJs (who usually only have to use their laptop or a USB stick with thousands of tracks on it) it's important to know and be familiar with the popular industrial DJ hardware, e.g. CD players & mixers. Most clubs and bars use CD players (Pioneer CDJs) and Pioneer mixers. These are today's industrial standards, not too many turntables are set up these days (which is my preference).

For the more hard working mobile DJ, well the sky's the limit depending on the types of functions they take on. Also depends if they're part-time or full-time mobile DJs, their DJ gear is their bread and butter and naturally takes more of a pounding so their DJ gear needs to be serviced regularly (even tagged for Corporate functions) and most importantly accommodate the function it's self (e.g, music output capability, microphone/s, lights).

So whether you're a DJ just starting out or looking to hire a DJ (who should know their basics or a bit more), alway keep in mind that the DJ gear is very important and a little research or reference always helps.

DJ Lambam's DJ gear (Sydney DJ gear)
- 2x Technics turntables 1200 MK2 (analog & digital format)
- Pioneer S9 Mixer (Serato interface)
- Pioneer DDJ x SX Controller (digital format only)
- 2x Shure wireless Microphones
- 2x JBL 1000 watts speakers
- HK (w/ 750 watt Subwoofer Amp w/ 2x 150 watt satellite speakers) 1000 watts total
- Laser lights & disco lights