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DJ Rates...

...well, Mobile DJs this is an area that isn't clear or consistent across the DJ board. Typically mainstream DJs that play popular music (e.g, Top-40, Rock'n'Roll, RnB, Dance) charge close-too around the same price as each other (give or take), however what type (DJ equipment used) & quality service you receive varies & that's where word-of-mouth or reputation comes into play. Standard 5 hour going rate would start around $350.00, $500 upwards (depending on a lot of factors).

Bar & club DJ charges are more flexible & where again it depends of what kind of bar or club they're playing at, how long they play for & if additional DJ equipment is required, oh and in some cases if they're a semi to high profile DJ (you're paying for their name to be played in your bar or club). Standard going rates in Sydney (& around Australian major cities) can be from $75 p.h upwards.

The advantage for punters hiring DJs and a disadvantage & even an industry downfall is DJs undercutting prices from other DJs to secure jobs (this in the long term is killing the industry). Obviously this is part of any industry that has competition and part of the commercial world. Unfortunately this dis-credits the DJs & the industry.

And just like any other entertainment industry, working public holidays will incur higher rates. You can expect rates to double or even triple on New Years Eve & day celebrations. So if you're going to hire on a public holiday, booking way in advance could save you hassle & any higher late-booking fee's.

For prices & booking information with "DJ Lambam" please feel free to contact myself & i'd be happy to discuss details with you.

My general pricing (varies on hours - or + )

Mobile: starting $450+ (standard 5 hours)
Bar/club: $75 - $100 p.h

Email: djlambie@yahoo.com or Ph: (Aust) 0421-728-863